By continuously creating the right framework

Who is TCV

We are a group of experts who help companies grow. We provide strategic direction, implement plans and manage growth.

We believe opportunities are seen and seized when people can access their own energy. Energy arises when passion and talent come together; when you know what you want (mission), when you know who you are (character) and when you know what you can do (competences). That's why our mission is "we make other people superstars by continuously creating the right framework". We give and create energy and help to hold on to it. We do this for companies, teams and professionals: the Entrepreneur, C-level Management and Management Teams.

Through our unique energy and way of working together we focus on: your purpose, your talent, the right tools and the road towards realizing business successes.

Why we love what we do

TCV cares about making other people superstars. Only then we believe that we can truly help companies realize growth. With many years of experience on an entrepreneurial and corporate level, we have the right pool of experts on board in order to help others.

We help get your strategy right, and we can also help with the execution and management. How? We have a diverse group of specialists available who can add value within their domains. We dive deep in order to know your growth struggles. We want to be your Growth Partner. And as true partners, we are dedicated to the success of our clients and we commit to a long term relationship.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

- Albert Einstein


We take a bird view approach: We review your organization and together set the right framework with the aim to accelerate your growth.  First, we want to understand your purpose and company challenges in order to realize a true connection. From there on, we will shape the scope of our work and set focus within one of our ‘TCV boxes’, which are: the business box, people box and numbers box. Depending on the needs of your organization, we then offer a tailor made solution with the right business expert(s), tools and resources.


True Connection Value operates in the following industries: